Our Team


Jane Feldman


Licensed Cosmetologist



Jane attended cosmetology school at La’James College of Hairstyling in Iowa in 1992.  She began working in her home town of Boone for the next 6 years.  She built her clientele and in 2000, she opened her first salon.  She furthered her education with the well-known Rusk and Matrix companies.  Her salon was  great success and she sold it to an employee to move to South Florida in 2005.

She began in the well-known Chenzo Balsamo Salon in Boca Raton which later became Pure Salon & Spa. She grew very successful in this high end 14 stylist salon. But again it was time for a change….

Jane, her husband & 2 of their 3 children moved to Costa Rica in 2012, where she has been beautifying our locals and dazzling our tourists ever since.  She has been working at BreakAway Spa and Wellness since 2013 before taking ownership in 2017.  Come and see what her many years of experience can do for you!


Chelsea Hazzard

Certified Massage Therapist


Chelsea graduated as a massage therapist from Myotherapy College of Utah in 2008, focusing her studies mainly on deep tissue, pain relief and rehabilitation modalities. She started her first massage practice in Orange County, California in 2009. After a vacation to Costa Rica in 2012 she decided to make it her new home where she provided treatments in Clinica Holistica as well as at various resorts throughout the Santa Teresa area before she started at BreakAway Spa and Wellness.  She has been with BreakAway since 2014.

“With each session, I will take the time to listen to your needs and complaints before we begin the massage to make sure I can help you on your path to wellness. Whether you are seeking to relieve pain, increase flexibility, enhance sports performance or reduce stress, I am committed to making sure that you are satisfied with your treatment. Pain is very often the result of postural issues.  I will offer advice on how to make little adjustments in your daily life so that you can get the most out of your therapy treatments. Never hesitate to ask questions throughout the massage or any time following treatment.

I take pride in what I do.  I believe strongly that massage therapy is more than just a luxury and that it can significantly change the quality of your health and wellbeing.”


Ryan Stevenson

Certified Thai Yoga Massage Therapist


Ryan is an experienced, advanced series, certified Thai Yoga Massage practitioner from Canada.  Additionally, he is a registered yoga instructor with qualifications in Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Massage practices.

The practice of Thai Yoga Massage incorporates body and mind nourishment through the fluidity of rhythmic massage, acupressure and assisted yoga-like stretches. Thai Yoga Massage is unparalleled in its ability to open the body and extend flexibility.  Ayurvedic considerations are used to balance the energy of an individual by applying a specific rhythm and pace of postures and massage techniques that are unique to the individual recipient’s needs.

* Balances the body’s energy pathways
* Reduces stress, anxiety, depression, and tension
* Boost the immune system
* Increase his resistance to injury
* Relieves pain due to disease, stress, and overworked muscles
* Tones internal organs
* Enriches emotional calming promotes deep relaxation
* Increases flexibility: the yoga postures and elongation movements and stretches of Thai Yoga Massage helps to increase range of motion
* Release is lactic acid and other toxins from areas of accumulation
* Increases energy flow within the body, which supports the body‘s natural healing process, thereby promoting good health


Maureen Shillington, B.Ed, Dip.C, Cert. Ashiatsu

Massage Therapist, Ashiatsu, Acupressure, Counselling +++


Maureen has been doing Massage in Santa Teresa since 1999!  She holds degrees in Education, Acting, Counselling, Bodywork and Massage from Canada and Costa Rica.

I came to Santa Teresa in 1999 on a surf vacation with my daughter from Vancouver Island, Canada. At this time, Santa Teresa was still the worlds best kept secret!  There were no services and so my experience in Acupuncture and Massage were called upon by the local people and foreigners who lived here. This enabled us to move here and surf in warm water and live in a healthy, simple environment.

My first degree was in Education  My favorite teaching assignment was in a First Nations School in the Cree Hamlet of Stanley Mission, Canada. I have been since adopted into the Aboriginal Community in BC.

Moving to Gabriola Island, a small north Pacific Island, I began to take Self Development and Chinese Medicine courses at Haven Institute, a Canadian version of the famous Esalen Institute in California, an educational institute on the leading edge of psychology with teachers such as Doctors Wong and McKeen, Virginia Satir and Zen Monk, Paul Reps. 10years later I graduated as a leader in Counselling Psychology, with an emphasis on Communication Sklls and Body Work.

I worked at Harmony Healing Center with DTCM Lim and Gee in Nanaimo, and then continued on to the capital of Victoria and opened my private practice for a few years before moving here.  I worked mainly with couples, communication skills, individual process work and addiction counselling. I also worked with DTCM McLean as a Traditional Chinese Acupressure Therapist.

Living in Santa Teresa, I adapted my skills and technique to keeping surfers in the water with regular treatments and attending to  injuries, particularly effective in restoring flexibility in the neck, shoulder and back. I had the first Spa in Santa Teresa Centro!

In 2010 I took a variety of Yacht Courses in Florida and was hired on a Private Yacht as a Massage Therapist, Health Coach and also, Chief Stewardess. After a few more years of traveling on the ocean I returned to a Private Practice in Jaco where I worked in Playa Hermosa with Professional Surfer Frieda Zamba and re-established my Counselling practice.

Last year, in Escazú,  I became certified in Ashiatsu Massage. Using my feet, as in Thai Massage, allowing a deeper Massage which gets down to the fascia to release tension, create more blood flow and healing to a larger area at once. This is the unique Massage only offered HERE at Breakaway Spa!

With the delicious, natural ingredients of sugar, coffee, coconut oil, red clay and flowers that the jungle has to offer, I have developed some scrumptious recipes for facials and body scrubs that go well with a Hot Stone Massage.

I hope you will come and relax and enjoy!

“Awareness of ones present body and mind will uncover an authentic and loving self. This is the meaning of health and happiness.”


Maureen’s Massage Spa Menu ( each modality is a different Massage technique )


Sports Massage



Body Scrubs and Body Sculpting

Hot Stone 

Maureen has worked with Professional Athletes and Surfers, with Celebrities and Events (Paris Fashion Week).